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JOIN THE FREE FACEBOOK GROUP(Only For Indian Women) We just started this unique group on Facebook, for Indian women looking to… Get back in (great) shape naturally, without any gimmicks or gadgets. Improve health by taking “habit” steps, not with fad diets or extreme workouts. Improve fitness by learning how to start small, like crazy […]

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Exercise for women

Weight Loss Exercises for Women – A Quick Guide

A Complete Exercise guide For Indian WomenBuild Strength, Lose Weight & Get That ‘Lean’ Look! Table Of Contents ​Introduction:Importance Of Exercise#1 Work Out Smart#2 Your Diet#3 Weight Training​Training for Strength, Endurance and Size​Remember…​The Basic Techniques and Tips​Sufficient Warm Up​Correct form Over More Weight​Get Sufficient Rest​Overcome the “Plateau”​Listen to Your Inner Rhythm#4 Key Exercises (Muscle Group […]

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Fitness elements

6 Weirdest Fat Loss Tricks – Drop The Flab In A Few Weeks

6 Easy Weight Loss Hacks – Anyone Can Do These!Everybody loses weight at a different pace, for a variety of reasons – genetics, stress, medications, dieting and medical history, to name a few of the big ones. Sometimes it can feel too slow and be frustrating, especially if you know you’re doing all the right […]

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A woman working out at home

Weight Loss Exercises For Indian Women – Get Our 6 Week Plan

Exercise For Weight Loss – Get Our 6 Week Plan BelowExercise for weight loss = going to the gym. Right? Wrong! It’s common knowledge that regular exercise and a balanced diet plan are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.  Most people believe this, indeed, every New Year great numbers of people, with the desire to make such a […]

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How To Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat and how to lose it!

HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT!While weight loss in general can be a challenging and taxing process by itself, some areas put up a harder fight than others. How many times has it happened that you have started your weight loss journey and it has done remarkably well for you.  Except when it comes to losing weight […]

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Skipping ropes and how effective an exercise it is!

SKIPPING ROPES AND HOW EFFECTIVE AN EXERCISE IT IS!Skipping ropes or Jump ropes as they are also called are very popular and often promoted for weight loss. Now, you might be thinking… Aren’t skipping ropes meant for children? Well, yes. Skipping ropes is a very favoured children’s game but it is a great exercise to build up […]

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1 7 Days Balanced Diet For Indians (+ Diet Chart & Recipes)

Balanced Diet Chart For Indians – When, How & What To Eat.“Eat a balanced diet…” … says the Doctor/Dietitian. You are then given a “balanced diet chart” with our Indian menus. You stick the chart on your refrigerator or in your bedroom. ** * Six months later, you do not even remember the said balanced diet chart! Sound familiar? Well, whatever your […]

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3 The NEW Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss (February 2019)

The Simple Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan+ Indian Weight Loss Diet ChartFACT: We Indians are becoming fat. Research proves that the situation is worse for Indian females looking to lose weight with a diet chart. It does not matter whether you are searching for a satvic, or a vegetarian diet chart for weight loss. Urban Indians are in […]

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