What is Metabolism? All Metabolism Myths Busted!

Scientific Nutrition defines ‘Metabolism’ as… check A highly misunderstood subject check The most common scapegoat (excuse) for people unable to lose weightAnd today we are going to clear the air around metabolism… We shall look at following three things –What is Metabolism?Metabolism and Weight Loss.Metabolism MythsWhat is Metabolism?Metabolism refers to the set of ALL CHEMICAL PROCESSES that occur […]

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calorie counting

Calorie Counting 101: Do Not Count Calories!

Calorie Counting: Let’s Start From the StartWe like simple things. If I ask you to add two numbers, you wouldn’t mind doing it. But… If I ask you to divide two numbers, you’ll resist. I DON’T KNOW DIVISION!This is exactly what attracts people to Calorie Counting – A diet technique invented by an American fellow, Lulu Hunt Peters way […]

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detox scam

A ‘Detox Program’ is the BIGGEST SCAM you will ever buy!

To detox or not… … demystified in this post! Most weight loss programs and nutritionists in India tell you that you need to “detox” your body before you begin losing weight. So they sell you a weight loss program and give you a 10-day long detox program. You think – “Wow, I’m going to get rid of all the […]

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