detox scam

A ‘Detox Program’ is the BIGGEST SCAM you will ever buy!

To detox or not… … demystified in this post! Most weight loss programs and nutritionists in India tell you that you need to “detox” your body before you begin losing weight. So they sell you a weight loss program and give you a 10-day long detox program. You think – “Wow, I’m going to get rid of all the […]

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tea coffee

Tea or Coffee? We compare the cutting and filter capee! :D

So many people I know are unable to begin their day without their dose of caffeine! The two most recognised forms of this dose are the legendary cutting/adrakwali chai and pitted against this formidable opponent is (filter) coffee! While both the groups can boast of a faithful set of followers, there are some (like me) […]

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dark chocolates

Chocolates – Delicious and Nutritious

Who doesn’t love chocolates! Chocolates are the best, aren’t they? But all of us eat chocolates because they taste so delicious. We love the way they fill our mouths with deliciousness with every bite. But you are doing yourself a huge favour every time you eat these kisses from heaven! Chocolates, especially dark ones, are hugely beneficial to you […]

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prevent diabetes

7 Tips To Avoid Diabetes

Being diagnosed by Diabetes is not pretty at all. No matter what you do, it will always stay with you along with the awful restrictions it brings with itself. Most of us have a relative or a friend who has diabetes and observing his/her lifestyle just makes us sad and pity them. Their diets, activities, […]

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correct posture

The most correct postures

It is estimated that we spend more than 6 hours staring at various screens everyday! This increases the important of knowing and being in the correct posture while sitting tremendously! If you are working and spend a lot of time in front of desktop computers or laptops you need to especially careful about how you sit. Interestingly, most of you […]

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liquid diets

Liquid Diets – Who Are They For?

Liquid diets are rampant in the West. A number of celebrities swear by it and following their trend even common junta has experimented with it. It turns out that a lot of people were able able to shed a good amount of fat by following a liquid diet. But as well know, nothing is black or white. Everything […]

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diwali weight

Diwali has gone! Weight has arrived! What to do?

We are sure most of you followed our tips to ward off weight gain during Diwali. But those of you who didn’t or those who couldn’t follow our tips, this article is for you! Most people gain about a couple of kilos due to binging on Diwali-exclusive food which is sugary and oily. However, this weight gain can easily be […]

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tips diwali

Yeh Diwali Nutrition Wali!

Nutrition and Diwali don’t go hand in hand. But Scientific Nutrition is here to change that! In this special article, we bring to you 4 tips you should remember and follow this Diwali!Make your sweets at home WITHOUT SUGAR. (Also Without Compromise)Like we always say, Sugar is one of the biggest contributors to those extra pounds people carry […]

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